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When Do Law Firms Need Translation Services for Legal Documents?

Indoswift Legal TranscriptionNo legal firm can function within the limitation of just one language. And even if they want to, somewhere or either the firms are bound to come across a client or an opposition who do not speak their preferred language. Then there are legal documents that may be penned down in English in the US but a time may arrive when its translation is necessary for the sake of the case or simply present it in a foreign language for reaching out to all the parties concerned. Law firms, of all shapes and sizes, do require translation services of legal documents and audios, and must, therefore, have tie-ups with the best translation service with supreme expertise in the field.




Stages at which legal firms need to translate legal documents

Translation varies from transcription or interpretation. Transcription is the process of converting an audio file into text without any change in the spoken language. Interpretation is the conversion of one language to another where both the starting and resulting files are audios. Translation is where the language is changed, from one document to another, and the end product is always a text file.

So, legal firms require audio processing and translation services when:

  1. The client is an international brand

Naturally, such a client will require their bylaws and terms and conditions written down in multiple languages to cater to the employees and customers of all regions. The legal firm may draw the initial draft in English but translation services must come in later for the necessary conversion of the framed rules into foreign languages.

  1. The document of discovery is in another language

Research for any case or a piece of potential evidence may very well be present in a different language whose translation is primary to win the trial. Here, a conversation over the telephone where the interaction was in another language will need the attention of quality translation services to convert the same into an English document for a trial in the US. At Indoswift, our audio translation services can cater to such needs of legal firms where the translation has to be precise and turnover needs to be prompt.

  1. The document produced is in a foreign language

If the dispute that you are dealing with is international in nature, you may very well receive your legal documents from the other side in a foreign language. In such a scenario, you can either get caught up in the conflict as to who should translate the files and lose valuable time or delegate the work to our expert team who can present you with the necessary translated legal documents in no time. Although Federal Law says that the document presented must be in usable form, an international opponent can always find a loophole.

Along with these, a legal firm may also require quality legal transcription services if it is looking to expand its area of operation to other nations or need certified translations to present a document in court. In short, no matter what your requirement is, select trusted brands like Indoswift for error-free end documents as we involve a team with the right legal and translation proficiency.