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All of our professional general transcription providers work from a highly modernized and sophisticated state-of-the-art office facility and we guarantee that all of our transcription processes are 100% manual, which makes us one of the best general transcription company. In general transcription, it is important to identify key topics discussed in the audio content provided by our clients, whether it is an interview, a discussion, or a lecture, and we pick subject specialized transcriptionist to ensure that your outsource general transcription services are 100% perfect. We undertake the transcription assignments of all type of recordings, including:

  • Multiple speakers transcription
  • Telephonically recorded transcription
  • Group discussion transcription
  • Transcription of Interviews taken in an open environment.
  • And others

Irrespective of the subject of your audio content, our strong team of efficient transcribers meets your requirement and we are naturally among the top general transcription services who adhere to all international standards.

We assure 99% plus accurate general transcription, including verbatim transcription, with expedite turnaround timings.

Indoswift has experience of undertaking longer duration running assignments on a project basis, i.e. if you are carrying out a set of interviews and/or discussions spread over months, we provide you with customized solutions to ensure you get an accurate transcription of your audio with quick turnaround time. Our experience places us one of the best general transcription companies across the globe.

At Indoswift, we understand that each client has different expectations and requirements. Therefore, we prioritize client specified rules and instructions for quality assessment. We follow a three-tier quality control system to ensure maximum accuracy and strict compliance to turnaround time.

We completely identify the significance of transparency in international business in terms of pricing, quality, turnaround time, and data security. All of our departments ensure the due diligent business administration for a healthy business association.

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    Indoswift provides accurate human transcription services globally, click here for more

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    Indoswift ensures that the information in the form of audio/video or text is duly secure meeting international standards.

    60% cost saving 60% Cost Saving

    Indoswift has a transparent and pre-informed pricing structure, no complicated tables.


    99% + Accurate Transcription 99% + Accurate Transcription

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    Fastest Turnaround Time Fastest Turnaround Time

    Starting from 2 hours onwards.

    100% Human Transcription 100% Human Transcription

    No usage of Voice Recognition or AI Technology at any level.

    15 Million Minutes Transcribed 15 Million Minutes Transcribed

    and counting.

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    Indoswift translations services are friendly, professional, fast, and accurate. I had a set of medical interviews that needed to to be translated overnight — I called Indoswift at 10p (ET), they accepted the assignment, and I awoke the next morning to an email that contained all 5 transcripts. And all were complete and clean — a true pleasure!


    Anthony Flynn

    CMO, GenomeQuest Inc, USA

    The website looked very professional. Not just the design, but the quality of the English. I called and spoke with Mr Manoj. his service was excellent, and he was prepared to start working on an urgent job very quickly. so I decided to try the company. the prices, also, were reasonable. When the transcripts came back, they were better than i could have ever hoped. Very professional, brilliant transcription, excellent English, clear indication of the speakers, and timing notes for words where there was some question of what was said. I was very very impressed by the work. I will very happily use Indoswift again.


    Christopher Hack

    International Journalist. USA

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