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Learning from our vast 16 years of interview transcription experience, transcribed more than 8.50 million minutes for above 5000 clients in 14 countries across the globe, we have developed stringent selection criteria to employ full time interview transcribers who have expertise in meeting your quality and turnaround time requirements effectively, which is evident by client testimonials of our clients. Our interview transcribers possess tremendous listening skills and have excellent command over English language. Our dedicated team of interview transcription comfortably understands vivid accents including:

  • American Accent
  • British Accent
  • Australian Accent.
  • Chinese Accents.
  • African Accent
  • Many more….

The minimum experience of our in house interview transcriber is 17 years. All of our transcribers work under one roof from highly modernized and sophisticated state of the art facility, which allows them to share the knowledge and sort out the real time working issues, if any, at that very moment as they arose. We undertake the transcription assignments of all type of recordings, including:

  • Multiple Speakers transcription.
  • Telephonically recorded transcription.
  • Group discussion transcription.
  • Transcription of Interviews taken in open environment.
  • Transcription of Interviews in crowded places like restaurants, exhibitions, etc.
  • Many more…..

No matter what the subject of your interview is, our team of 50+ transcribers gives us the freedom to assign your technically strong vocabulary subjects to the subject specialist, who ensures best quality transcription meeting international standards. We transcribe interviews in all the subject domains including:

  • Medical Interview Transcription.
  • Technology Interview Transcription
  • Media Interview Transcription
  • Research Interview Transcription for your Thesis.
  • Food & Beverage Interview Transcription.
  • Autobiography Interview Transcription.
  • Many More…..

We assure 98% plus accurate interview transcription with significantly quicker turnaround time.

We also undertake the long running interview transcription assignments on project basis, e.g. if you are conducting a set of interview for writing autobiography, selected vacancy, research, etc., which is expected to be spread over months, we provide the tailored solution to meet your requirements.

At Indoswift, we understand that each client has different expectations and requirements. Therefore, we prioritize client specified rules and instructions for quality assessment. We follow a three-tier quality control system to ensure maximum accuracy and strict compliance to turnaround time.

All of our transcription processes are 100% manual. We do not use any voice recognition technology in transcribing your interviews.

We duly understand the importance of transparency in international business in terms of cost, quality, turnaround time, and confidentiality. All of our departments ensure the transparent business administration to avoid any last moment twist.

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