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EMR Indexing: Integrated IT and Healthcare Process Outsourcing Solution

Moving one step further from transcription, we update and enter the patient’s information dictated into your EMR system through remote access or logging into your web-based EMR through our state-of-the-art highly secure, HIPAA compliant infrastructure. We duly value your time and understand that you need to update the EMR of your patients’ data every time, hence we have come up with our one-stop solution for all your worries.

Here’s how our EMR Indexing process works:

  1. You dictate your patients’ dictation in a routine manner.
  2. We remotely access or log into your web-based EMR system, enter and update the patient information dictated by you through our state-of-the-art, highly secure, HIPAA compliant infrastructure.
  3. We also simultaneously generate your accurate transcripts.
  4. Our processes are aligned in a manner to save you or your secretary time and money.

    Here’s how our Healthcare Process Solution will benefit you:

    Time and cost savings: Our solution will assure you a hassle-free workflow. Your EMR will get updated at the same time your transcripts are getting transcribed. You don’t have to incur any additional time and cost of processing data at your end by updating the EMR. We guarantee quick, accurate, and low-cost processing.

    Lowering your operation cost: We know that the prime reason for adopting the EMR is to reduce your practice’s operating cost. If the cost of updating the EMR is higher, then it will defy the primary purpose of adopting it. Through our solutions, we can assure you of an economical cost structure.

    Focusing and enhancing your core service offerings: We understand that in the dynamic professional environment of abiding with statutory administrative compliance and pressures of performing better, it is indeed a big challenge to balance the two. Hence, our services help you in focusing your diligently earned skills in treating patients and leaving the mundane task of data entry on us.

    Prompt and accurate EMR update by professionals: Indoswift partners with HMOs, clinics, and individual practices to help them analyze the huge volume of patient data and assist them in effectively inserting it into the EMR. Our 23 years of Healthcare Process Outsourcing experience helps us to better understand our customers’ needs, and be well-versed with HIPAA norms, the importance of turnarounds, quality work, and prompt communication round the clock.

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    Indoswift ensures that the information in the form of audio/video or text is duly secure meeting international standards.

    60% cost saving 60% Cost Saving

    Indoswift has a transparent and pre-informed pricing structure, no complicated tables.


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    23 years of reliable transcription services.

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    15+ Million

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    14 Countries


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    Indoswift translations services are friendly, professional, fast, and accurate. I had a set of medical interviews that needed to to be translated overnight — I called Indoswift at 10p (ET), they accepted the assignment, and I awoke the next morning to an email that contained all 5 transcripts. And all were complete and clean — a true pleasure!


    Anthony Flynn

    CMO, GenomeQuest Inc, USA

    The website looked very professional. Not just the design, but the quality of the English. I called and spoke with Mr Manoj. his service was excellent, and he was prepared to start working on an urgent job very quickly. so I decided to try the company. the prices, also, were reasonable. When the transcripts came back, they were better than i could have ever hoped. Very professional, brilliant transcription, excellent English, clear indication of the speakers, and timing notes for words where there was some question of what was said. I was very very impressed by the work. I will very happily use Indoswift again.


    Christopher Hack

    International Journalist. USA

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