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With the experience of over 10000 audio hours of French transcription by our French language high class quality transcribers, we have attained a prestigious reputation in all branches of French transcription. We transcribe:

  • French interviews to French and from French to English.
  • French media transcription.
  • Transcription for Thesis in French
  • Transcription of Conferences in French
  • French business meetings
  • French earning calls, and
  • Almost everything in French language.

The importance of accurately transcribed French transcription cannot be ignored or underestimated irrespective of any type or kind of audio or text. We at Indoswift completely understand the importance of accurate French transcription and French to English transliteration, and feel you need a supportive backend professional organisation to manage your time to time French transcription and translation needs.

We do have a highly experienced dedicated team for French transcription, which comprises of highly experienced professional transcriptionists, The expertise, reference material, technology, and most importantly the intellectual assets we possess in the form of experience of our transcriptionists helps in providing 99% accurate transcription in all areas

We take additional security measures to ensure your peace of mind even on outsourcing French transcription services.

In our French transcription service we transcribe French audio files to French writing and also translate the French content into English language if required at highly competitive prices. We have native French transcriptionists on roll who are the masters of French as well as English language and are capable of transcribing French interview transcription, French business transcription, French legal transcription, French academic transcription, and more.

At Indoswift, we understand that each client professional has different expectations and requirements. Our professional French transcription services ensure you fast and accurate document delivery. Therefore, we prioritize client specified rules and instructions for quality assessment. We follow a three-tier quality control system to ensure maximum accuracy and strict compliance to turnaround time.
We take additional security measures to ensure your peace of mind even on outsourcing French transcription services.

Our significant experience of 17 years of business transcription, we have transcribed more than 10.50 million minutes for above 5000 clients in 14 countries across the globe including USA, UK, Canada, France, Switzerland, Israel, Australia, India. We have rigorous selection criteria to hire full time French transcribers who possess expertise in meeting your requirements effectively, which is evident by client testimonials.

All of our transcription processes are 100% manual. We do not use any voice recognition technology in transcribing your audios.

We assure 98% plus accurate French transcription with significantly quicker turnaround time.

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