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In today’s highly competitive business environment, high cost of product launches, longer gestational periods, changing tastes and preferences of consumers, and globalization, organization across the globe conduct regular market research either for their need to launch a new product, expanding the sale of existing product, or checking up for the reason of drop in sales or consistent sales. These researches are generally in the form of interviews taken indoor and outdoor of the consumers and group discussions. Companies who do the market research either themselves or get the market research of their products and services through professional market research organizations to get the customer feedback of their product, the vivid usage of their products, to determine the proposed life cycle of their product, etc. require backend professional market research transcription organisation.

To concentrate on your core activity, i.e. preparation of analyses, the researchers should get the processed data in properly document format. The accurately transcribed and well formatted transcription of market research interviews significantly assist in preparing the analyses and expedite the overall process of decision making. Therefore, the need for market research transcription companies becomes imperative.

With over 17 years of transcription experience wherein we have transcribed thousands of documents, transcription of 10.50 million minutes across USA, UK, Canada, France, Switzerland, Israel, Australia, India. We have developed strong and specialized team to provide the market research transcription services with good quality and quick turnaround time. We realize the vitality of accurately transcribed documents for research firms and companies to take business critical decisions to justify the huge money spent. Our team is capable to categorize and identify the speakers in addition to the time stamping. We understand the importance of every participant’s views, comments and thoughts in the audio or video and endeavor to transcribe those accurately even if the recording is outdoor or overlapped. Pleas view what our client says:

All of our transcription processes are 100% manual. We do not use any voice recognition technology in transcribing your audio/video.

We assure 98% plus accurate market research transcription with significantly shorter turnaround time.

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