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At Indoswift, we do provide the specialized audio processing services to corporate developing technologies required for voice recognitions, provide intelligence services to their clients, consultancy, and many other audio related solutions. We offer our vast 16 years of experience in audio processing and transcription through our top class highly diverse team of transcriptionists and audio specialists who possess tremendous understanding of concepts and listening skills

Our execution model is designed to provide quality audio processing and transcription with robust and cost-effective implementations of resources. Our services in this domain can broadly classify as:

i) Processing audios according to your specific requirements. In this segment, we understand your requirements related to audio processing in detail and offer our audio processing specialists according to your requirements who have experience of working on vivid audio processing projects, viz. developing solution for voice recognition, generating keywords for enterprise solutions, and many more. Our team has huge experience of working on audacity and other proprietary software.

ii) Illegible Transcription.

Didn’t get your recording as expected!!! Have old audio with thick accent to be transcribed!!! or have highly specific uncommon vocabulary audio to be transcribed!!! We are here to assist you. At Indoswift, we invest significantly on manpower by providing them continuous training and friendly atmosphere. Our team is capable to convert your illegible audio files into best possible documents with the application of our knowledge, listening skills, and judgment. Our transcribers just not merely listen and type, rather they understand the whole subject first and start working on those audio files. We provide our expert intellectual service by making sense of what is being spoken, with your obvious due permission and instructions. If you need professional quality transcription from badly recorded audios, at Indoswift we do.

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