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Please read through this list of terms carefully before using the Indoswift iOS/Android app. By downloading and creating an account in the Indoswift App, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions mentioned here. Your agreement also extends to all the revisions and updates that these terms and conditions might receive on a future date.

Definition of you (the client):

  1. You shall be over 18 years of age to use the Indoswift app. Or, you need to be legally an adult as per the jurisdiction of your region or country of residence.
  2. You are not someone who is barred from taking transcription services according to the law of your country or the country of operation of Indoswift.
  3. If you are someone representing a company, you must hold the legal right or warrant from the company to enter into the terms of Indoswift.
  4. You or the company you represent should not hail from a country that is barred from trading with Indoswift’s country of operation.

Definition of us (Indoswift):

  1. Indoswift Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is a transcription, captioning, translation and subtitling company that offers a broad range of services specific to these niches. We are accessible through our website https://www.indoswift.com/ and our iOS/Android Mobile Apps.
  2. We are headquartered in New Delhi, India, with operational branch offices in New York, USA and Northamptonshire, UK.
  3. [Registration details if available]
  4. Indoswift follows a business days policy. Whenever we mention hours or days in our terms or business communication, we exclude the designed holidays as per the company policies.

Use of App:

  1. Indoswift Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. owns the Indoswift iOS/Android app. You can download the same on your smartphone free of charge. By downloading the app and creating an account, you agree to all these terms of using the Indoswift app.
  2. Our app uses a voice recording feature to record audio to be transcripted later. Indoswift is not responsible for the quality of the recording uploaded as it solely depends on your phone’s microphone quality, recording software installed, ambient noise, and internet connection. The quality of the uploaded file is entirely device-dependent.
  3. The responsibility lies on you (the client) to check your internet connection and device recording quality before using the record feature of the Indoswift app.
  4. You should also follow the list of suggestions mentioned within the app to fully understand the features of the app.
  5. Indoswift reserves the right to reject any transcription project due to the poor quality of the recording. We also reserve the right to cancel any project if the uploaded audio contains offensive or objectionable content. In both instances, Indoswift is not liable to provide you with any reason for project cancellation


Payments and refunds:

  1. Indoswift accepts debit and credit cards of all major merchant service providers. All online payments made through the app follow the terms and conditions of the respective merchant service provider.
  2. Indoswift maintains a no refund and no cancellation policy. All orders once placed through the Indoswift app or site cannot be reversed by the client.
  3. Once you have made an online payment to Indoswift, you should receive a payment confirmation email within 24 hours of the same. We shall also send you a project confirmation email with 48 hours of successful payment.
  4. You also agree to be invoiced by Indoswift for the work we do for you. Following this, you grant us the right to charge your debit and credit card.


Transcription terms:

  1. If you intentionally provided any wrong information during registration or payment in the Indoswift app, we hold the right to terminate your project with no refund.
  2. You also understand that no transcription or translation of any audio file is 100% accurate. A transcriber or translator often has to include the best-fit word because that part of the audio was not clearly comprehensible.
  3. You agree that the audio file sent by you through the app is in accordance with the service package you have selected from Indoswift. If the project requirement exceeds the mentioned description, we reserve the right to charge you extra after informing you about the rate hike through email.
  4. If you feel that the audio quality you sent was good and the transcripted file we sent you was less than 99% accurate, you hold the right to submit the transcripted file back to Indoswift for review. We will rectify the errors and promptly send back the corrected file.
  5. However, if the audio file sent by you is less than “good” and the transcripted file sent by us is more than 99% accurate, Indoswift holds the right to turn down your edit request and is not liable to make any corrections.
  6. While Indoswift always tries to stick to the given deadline, we cannot absolutely guarantee that we can meet the deadline always. We will however try our best to get your project delivered as soon as possible.

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